Herzegovina Cycling Challenge

Mountain ranges of central Dinaric Alps have already been recognized by many cyclists as one of top European locations for mountain biking. Being in the geographical center of Dinaric Alps, Herzegovina also is the perfect solution for those who want to challenge themselves and others in biking. Spectacular locations of mountain massifs, river banks and lake shores will make this tour physically demanding, but mentally relaxing. Recommended by National Geographic in 2012 as one of the best locations for mount biking in the world, Herzegovina completely justifies it. Join as on an adventure!

Tour time: full day

Tour Schedule: Every day at 8am

Additional information: Minimum 2 participants. The service to be guaranteed has to be booked in advance. Mountain bike guide and bike rent included in the price.

New Herzegovina Ciro Trail, from Mostar to Dubrovnik

Whether you’re a cycling-enthusiast hunting for a hidden gem of a route, or a railway-aficiando passionate about charting old tracks, or a lover of soaring mountain greenery…then the Ciro Trail is for you.
This magical 100-mile three-day romp between the old town of Mostar in Bosnia and Herzegovina and Dubrovnik on the Croatian coast follows the old Austro-Hungarian railway line that once ran all the way to Vienna.
First skirts the Neretva River all the way from Mostar to Čapljina, sweeps through the epic Hutovo Blato Nature Park, the path then descends the Dinaric Alps through barren borderlands still riddled with mines from the Balkan War ending on the Croatian coast in Dubrovnik. Passing-by lofty monasteries and mountain watchtowers and passing-through viaducts and old railway tunnels, the path is mostly flat, traffic-free and well-signposted throughout.
Other potential highlights/stop-offs along this truly special adventure include the Vjetrenica caves, kayaking on Trebižat river (see more on our adventure tours), the stunning ancient hilltop fortifications of Počitelj, and the great wine cellars of Herzegovina.
Perhaps best of all, accommodation along the Ćiro trail comes in the form of beautifully converted old railway stations. This is a must-do trip!

Tour options:
1 Day tour option: Mostar-Čapljina
2 Days tour option: Mostar-Čapljina / Čapljina-Hutovo Blato-Vjetrenica
3 Days tour option: Mostar-Čapljina / Čapljina-Hutovo Blato-Vjetrenica / Vjetrenica-Trebinje-Dubrovnik

Tour details:
We will rent you a professional mountain bike that come’s with helmet, water bottle, speedometer, spare tyre and essential tools. About rent a bike terms, prices and details check the section ‘additional services’ on the home page.

Mountain bikes pick up service:
Possible in Čapljina, Vjetrenica, Trebinje or Dubrovnik.


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