Kayaking on Trebizat River

If you are fan of Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, or just want to cool yourself on a hot summer day, than Trebižat Canoe Safari is a thing for you. Canoeing on the wates of Trebižat, in the beautiful natural environment with clear waters full of life, is an excellent day to spend one of your days in Heregovina. But the end of safari is not an end of the tour. Swimming on a beach where Trebižat river meets Neretva river is certainly one of the highlights of the day. Be sure include this in your travel itinerary, and you’ll remember it for a lifetime.

Tour time: full day

Tour Schedule: Every day at 8am

Additional information: Minimum 2 participants. The service to be guaranteed has to be booked in advance. Kayak rent included in the price. 35€(no meal), 45€(with meal), 55€ (with meal and A/R transport from Mostar).


IMPORTANT NOTE, for info, reservations and bookings, the valid contact information’s are:

iHouse Travel doo


Tel: 00387-63-481842 (also on Viber and Whatsapp)