The Ottoman Experience

For more than four hundred years, Bosnia-Herzegovina has been part of Ottoman Empire, once the most powerful empire in the world spreading from Middle East to Central Europe. Although this Empire is long gone, its effects are still visible in everyday life in Bosnia-Herzegovina: in culture, language, cuisine…

Ottoman Experience takes you on the tour of everyday life in Ottoman Empire,where we will witness the birth of Mostar, explore religious rituals and answer the most important questions on what was Ottoman Empire in reality. But that’s not everything. For couple of hours, you will become citizens of this vast Empire, introducing yourselves to the hardships and pleasaures of living in largely forgotten times.

Tour time: 2h

Tour Schedule: The tour can run every day but is usually scheduled on Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday at 4pm

Additional information: The tour is not private, the tour is a walking tour, entrances to Mosque and turkish house included in the price.


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