Tito’s Secret Bunker

ARK D0 Konjic, colloquially knows as Ā«Tito’s BunkerĀ» was once a most secret location in former Yugoslavia. It is now open for those who wish to travel through time, more specifically to the era of Cold War. ARK is a huge nuclear bunker designed to protect top military and political officials of Yugoslavia in event of global war. Its thick walls beneath the mountain hide numerous passages, rooms, conference halls and energy plants preserved exactly how they were, with the inventory intact. Be the one who can proudly say to have been in an underground facility once reserved only to strictly selected individuals.

Tour time: 8h

Tour Schedule: The tour can run each Monday, Wendnsday, Friday and Saturday but is usually scheduled every Wednesday at 8am.

Additional information: The tour is not private, entrances, transport, tourist guide and parking included in the price. Minimum 2 participants. No meals.


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