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Coffee-break transfers

Why do the airport transfers always have to be a lost day on holiday? With us, you can make it into another day of exploration. If you are flying in or out of Sarajevo, Split, Dubrovnik or even Zadar or Tuzla, we will make sure that you make short visits of the best attractions on route to the airport. All you have to do is sit back and enjoy coffee breaks by the historical bridge in Konjic or in the shade of centennial sycamores in Trebinje. All inquires are welcome at our office.

Standard Transfers and prices updated for the seaon 2023:

Bosnia and Herzegovina:

Mostar Airport: 30€ car / 50€ minivan

Mostar – Sarajevo: 110€ car / 140€ minivan

Mostar – Tuzla: 150€ car/ 180€ minivan (Wizzair)

Mostar – Bihać: 200€ car / 280€ minivan


Mostar – Dubrovnik: 120€ car / 150€ minivan

Mostar – Dubrovnik Airport: 130€ car / 160€ minivan

Mostar – Split: 130€ car / 160€ minivan (+10€ of highway fees)

Mostar – Split Airport: 150€ car / 180€ minivan (+10€ of highway fees)

Mostar – Zadar (HR): 200€ car/ 250€ minivan (+20€ of highway fees)

Mostar – Zagreb (HR): 300€ car / 400€ minivan (+50€ of highway fees)

Other detination:

Serbia, Montenegro upon request.

Important information:

The price includes all the road fees and governemnt VAT/TAX.

The price is set per vehicle. The car is usually up to 3 people, the minivan up to 7 people. The transfers can be organized in both directions from and to Mostar.

Additional locations and custom transfers are always available upon request.