Our Location:

iHouse Travel is located in the heart of Mostar’s old town, on the main cobblestone street Onesćukova n.25.  about 200m from the famous Old Bridge. 

Our office is usually also the starting point of all our tours.

By Car:

The best and cheapest place to park your car is behind the Franciscan church, the church has a big parking lot for cars and buses as well. The parking price is the cheapest in the city, 1€/24h for cars and 10€/24h for buses. From the Church to our agency is less than a 5min walk distance.

By Taxi:

There are many Taxi companies and private drivers in Mostar. Although the prices may differ, it is usually 1 convertible mark per 1 kilometer (1KM=1km). Some companies have the minimum start fee which is later included in the overall price. Make sure you inquire in advance.

City Taxi usually have visible stickers on the car with pricing 1km=1km and calling numbers: 1503 or 1506 or 1599 or 1508 and similar.

The best way to get to us is to ask the driver to take you to Semovac. Semovac is the Western main entrance in Mostar’s Old Town. From Semovac enter the old town walking on cobblestone, iHouse Travel will be on the right side, 50m after.

From the Bus/Train station:

Both bus and train station are not that close to the old town. The best think is to take a City Taxi that for less than 2€ should take you to Semovac. If you decide to walk, consider that the distance is about 2km and it will take around 30min. From the Bus/Train stations turn left and walk along the Marsala Tita street. Get to Musala square and from there walk along the Fejiceva street (Ulica Brace Fejica). Pass by the Karadoz Bey Mosque and enter the old town. Cross over the Old Bridge and walk along the Onescukova street for another 200m. iHouse Travel will be on the left side half a way in between the Old Bridge and Semovac.