Discovering the Western Balkans

8 days / 7 nights
4 star Hotel
HB service
Bus Transfers (all transfers included)
Local guides on all locations
Travel Companion (all transfers included)

Tour Itinerary
As a rising tourist destination, Western Balkans is becoming increasingly visited by travellers from around the world. On the borders of empires and civilizations, countries of this region have adopted diverse cultural influences visible even today. „Discovering the Western Balkans“ offers selected array of locations in three countries: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia and Montenegro. Visiting the most spectacular locations in these countries while experiencing the historical and gastronomic heritage, makes this tour the perfect choice.

Day 1: Settle in Trebinje and start the adventure
After the arrival to the airport, transfer is organized to Trebinje, pleasant town in southeast Bosnia-Herzegovina. Tour of Trebinje is organized upon the arrival. Visitors will be able to explore the historical Old Town whose walls have once protected its inhabitants from the invaders. Having an afternoon tea or coffee under the hundred year old plane trees on the main city square will make a nice rest after a long trip.
As Herzegovina is famous for its wine production, trip to the Andjelic wine cellar follows. Tasting of white Žilavka and red Vranac in a traditional environment of rural Herzegovina encompasses the heritage of wine production this region has had since the Roman times.
Dinner and overnight are organized in a four star hotel Platani.

Day 2: Discovering Kotor, Montenegro
After the breakfast in hotel Platani, transfer to Kotor (Montenegro) is organized. Passing through the historical villages and towns of rare Mediterranean fjord, Bay of Kotor, will provide beautiful scenery of litoral Montenegro. As a gem in the crown of Montenegro, Kotor’s city walls protected a town through its turbulent history explained in the Kotor City Tour.
After the tour and free activities, scenic trip to Trebinje is organized.
Dinner and overnight are organized in Hotel Platani
• Lunch in Kotor is not included

Day 3: Discovering Dubrovnik, Croatia
After the breakfast in hotel Platani, trip is organized to Dubrovnik (Croatia), once the seat of Mediterreanean merchant state – Republica Ragusa. Its walls have attracted millions of visitors while it has become even more famous worldwide as one of the filming locations of Game of Thrones. Visitors will be guided through Dubrovnik’s main street Stradun, the cathedral of St. Blasius and numerous city streets. After free activities, transfer to Mostar in south Bosnia-Herzegovina follows.
Dinner is organized in Restaurant MM with traditional dishes.
Overnight is organized in four star hotel Bristol in Mostar.
• Lunch in Dubrovnik not included

Day 4: Day off in Mostar
Breakfast in Hotel and free day in the main city of Herzegovina.
Dinner and overnight at Hotel Bristol.
Additional tours and activities available uppon request.

Day 5: Discovering Herzegovina, all in one
After the breakfast in hotel Bristol, the visitors will be taken to the historical wonders of Herzegovina – Počitelj and Blagaj.
– Blagaj is not only a place of great historical significance, but also a magnificent visual experience. Once a seat of Herzeg Stjepan, the name bearer of Herzegovina, Blagaj also hosts the Tekki, 15th century islamic monastery situated at the beautiful spring of river Buna. At the bottom of the cliff, both the Tekki and the river create one of most recognizable images of Bosnia-Herzegovina
– Once only a castle protecting the area from the invaders, Nearby Počitelj has subsequently grown into a small oriental trading town whose main features still attract the visitors from around the globe. Narrow cobblestone streets will show you the way to the local producers of homemade fruit juices and jams.
– Short transfer to Udovice restaurant follows where the visitors will be able to taste local gastronomic specialties such as lamb. Set in a rural environment, surrounded by numerous vineyards, lunch at Udovice will provide much deserved rest.
– The visitors head on to Andrija wine cellar, one of the most prominent wine producers in Herzegovina region. Exploring the vineyards, tasting both white Žilavka and red Blatina will provide a full insight in Herzegovina’s best known products.
Overnight and dinner are organized in four star hotel Bristol in Mostar.
• Lunch is included

Day 6: Return ticket to the Capital, Sarajevo
After breakfast in hotel Bristol, visitors are taken to visit the capital of Bosnia-Herzegovina – Sarajevo. The route goes through the scenic canyon of Neretva and along the shores of Jablanica lake. Coffee break is organized by river Neretva in the town of Konjic next to the 17th century Ottoman bridge.
Surrounded by the Bosnian mountains, Sarajevo is globally best known for the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in 1914, Winter Olympics in 1984 and the war in the early ’90s. Through Sarajevo City Tour, visitors will be able to comprehend the complex history this city has had while walking through the Ottoman commercial centre of Baščaršija and Appel Quay where the First World War has started.
Dinner at restaurant Brajlovic, in the nearby district of Ilidza.
Trip to Mostar follows. Overnight is organized in four star hotel Bristol.
• Lunch in Sarajevo not included

Day 7: The Heart of Herzegovina, Mostar
After the breakfast in hotel Bristol, visitors will be able to explore the rich history of Mostar browsing the Ottoman, Austro-hungarian and Yugoslavian streets of this city.
Dinner is organized in Labirint restaurant on the banks of river Neretva with wonderful view of the 16th century Old Bridge. Traditional melancholic sevdalinka music will create gentle ambience while tasting the best local cuisine has to offer.

Day 8: The last night
After the breakfast in hotel Bristol, transfer is organized to the airport of choice.

Additional information: Minimum 6 persons per tour, for requests schedule or pricing, please fill the contact form.