Mug The Roofs of Sarajevo


About the Project:
Be Hilarious / Bosnia and Herzegovina is a project which is made during the period 2012/2013. It is about drawings that on a unique and funny way describe Bosnia and Herzegovina, its cities, people, natural beauty and uniqueness. Bosnia is shown through the fable where the main roles are cheerful animals and the nature is full of imagination and colors. Each Picture tells its own story. The initiator of the project is Miran Hasibovic and authors are artists Zoran Zelenika and Maja Rubinic. The project has its own logo and is protected by law and registered in the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About the Illustration:
The illustration about the Roofs of Sarajevo is the story of the specificity and the beauty of the Bosnian capital. Under the deep clear sky, stretches, illuminated only by the stars, a mosaic of roofs out of which are emerging the famous religious and cultural facilities of the city. Adorable and unattractive, tragic and comic, romantic and harsh, sad and happy, harmonious and contradictory. All of it together is Sarajevo.