From Čapljina to Ravno

Leaving Capljina, make sure you’re fully stocked with water and that your bike lights are working. Criss-crossing fields and mounting beautiful old railway bridges, you soon find yourself careering through the Hutovo Blato nature park, a gravel path of viaducts and old railway tunnels. Watch out for the odd swooping bat and crumbling railway station as you descend into the valley to meet Ravno. Once in Ravno you should plan the visit of the biggest speleological sight in Bosnia and Herzegovina, The Vjetrenica Cave. Another place of interest is the XVI sec. Christian Orthodox Monastery of Zavala, built in the cliffs of the Herzegovinian Karstic rocks. Before you enter the Zavala Monastery, take the wrap at the entrance to cover your knees in case you are doing the cycle in shorts.

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To know more about the Vjetrenica Cave, check our tour Expedition to Vjetrenica Cave, in the section ”Classic Tours”.
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