Post Card The Bridge Over The Drina


About the Project:
Be Hilarious / Bosnia and Herzegovina is a project which is made during the period 2012/2013. It is about drawings that on a unique and funny way describe Bosnia and Herzegovina, its cities, people, natural beauty and uniqueness. Bosnia is shown through the fable where the main roles are cheerful animals and the nature is full of imagination and colors. Each Picture tells its own story. The initiator of the project is Miran Hasibovic and authors are artists Zoran Zelenika and Maja Rubinic. The project has its own logo and is protected by law and registered in the Institute for Intellectual Property of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

About the Illustration:
The illustration The Bridge over the Drina in Visegrad is the story of a stone bridge and the letters of  the Bosnian Nobel price, Ivo Andric. Heavy colors in the sky and in the water are describing our past while winds of hope are taking in the air colorful dragons in the hands of new generations. The famous Cuprija (old bridge) in only eleven steps (11 arches) walks over the huge Drina river, while sometimes people still are afraid to know what lies on the other side. Andric’s words are recorded on paper boats floating downstream, and are within easy reach. The decision is on us, pick up the knowledge or lose it with the river flow.